Kitchen Products by Clearview Skylights

Kitchen Products by Clearview Skylights

Last Updated: 09 Jun 2014
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Let the light into your life with the installation of double-glazed Velux Skylights.

Clearview Skylights specialises in the supply and installation of Velux Skylights, and boasts close to 20 years of experience working with their products. Clearview Skylights is also one of the only companies in Perth to complete the installation with the fitting of the gyprock shaft.

As homeowners are increasingly opting to renovate over relocate, space becomes a major factor and retaining a traditional window can greatly reduce flexibility of a room.

You might find deleting a window gives you the freedom to include a double shower in the bathroom or additional cupboards to the kitchen.

Installing a Velux Skylight to the roof in place of a wall window will bring plenty of natural light to the room, and with the option of an opening Velux Skylight, you can enjoy lots of natural ventilation.

Velux Skylights are the ultimate skylight solution. As glass double-glazed skylights, they reduce the heat entering the home while still flooding it with light. The Velux range includes fixed skylights, manual-opening skylights, electric-opening remote-controlled skylights, and a blind option, which allows you to block out the light when required.

Clearview Skylights keep the process simple by carrying out the entire installation process, from building the shaft to fitting your skylight, to retrofitting blinds. All you need to do is paint!


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