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Last Updated: 19 Nov 2014
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Phase3 once again proves itself one of Perth’s premier landscape providers, having recently been awarded both the best overall designer and best overall contractor categories at the 2014 LIAWA Awards.

Phase3 is a complete-package landscaping company, offering a comprehensive service in all facets of landscaping, including concrete pool construction, custom steel and timber fabrication, and landscape maintenance.

Phase3 has the capability to deliver all aspects of landscape construction, and thrives on delivering unique and challenging projects.

It provides clients with a quality, comprehensive and personalised service, which has enabled the company to develop a reputation as one of the most respected landscape providers to both the commercial and high-end residential markets.


Phase3 Landscape Construction teamed with Josh Byrne & Associates to create this award-winning sustainable-design demonstration house.

The construction program was very tight, and as a result it required close communication and coordination with the other contractors working on the project.

The goal was to demonstrate in practical ways how to achieve a 10-Star NatHER's rated home on the budget of a standard three-bedroom property.

The garden had to play a pivotal role in delivering shade and shelter, pleasant living
areas, home-grown food, and stimulating play areas for kids, while ticking all the boxes of water efficiency and climate resilience.

One of the most exciting results of the successful construction and planting of
the project is that it is gaining incredible recognition as a game-changer in home and garden construction, not just for the whole of Australia, but internationally as well.


This project was designed and delivered to revitalise the Mundaring Weir Precinct area, which refers to a number of public and private facilities that have been established within a kilometre radius of the Mundaring Weir, since its construction in 1902.

The Mundaring Weir Interpretation Precinct reinforces and celebrates the spirit
of the massive project that was CY O'Connor's Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply Scheme. The materiality, resolution and implementation of the Precinct ensures visitors will enjoy an educational and interactive experience for years to come.

The Mundaring Weir and surrounding grounds and buildings are rich in historic value and cultural heritage. Phase3/Newforms successfully provided the desired project outcomes while respecting and adhering to the significant cultural heritage on site. Recycled materials were used, including decommissioned Water Corporation assets, resulting in a uniquely individual result that speaks directly to the site.

Working closely with the Water Corporation, Phase3/Newforms has imbued the Mundaring Weir Interpretation Precinct project with an ecological and sustainable imperative that ensures ease in maintenance and ongoing site management. The processes of the water cycle are evident and woven into the fabric of the landscape as interpretive and educational elements.

The landscape design was influenced by a strong sense of respect for the cultural and aesthetic heritage and value, including recognition of elements such as the significant stonework within the site. For example, in the CY O'Connor Hub, gabion walls have reinterpreted the original stonework and been constructed with locally sourced as well as on-site recycled stone.

On top of winning the best overall design and sustainable category at the 2014 LIAWA Awards, the project was also a finalist in the 2014 WA Heritage Awards for the Outstanding Interpretation Projects that Enhance a Place.


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