Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Last Updated: 19 Aug 2015
Localista Team

Saddle up this spring, and find a mountain-bike track that suits you.

Lake Leschenaultia | Ranked easy, this track hosts a 5km loop that takes one to three hours, starting and ending from the car park on the northern side of the lake. The ride mainly follows fire roads but it also includes some single tracks. It has a few small hills, making it ideal for beginners and families with kids. Located in Chidlow, approximately one hour from Perth.

The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park | It's the perfect place to spend a few hours or a full day honing your skills. The designated mountain-bike area offers
a number of downhill and cross-country trails suitable for the novice and experienced rider. Just 4km from Midland train station, it's the closest track to the city. Located in Greenmount, approximately 30 minutes from the city.

South Shore | If you're prepared to take the jumps, the drops and the terrain then it's time to test the South Shore trail. Set among the forest south of Dwellingup, the more difficult track starts on Dawn Creek Road. Getting there can be tricky, but it's worth the trek. Warning: this trail is for experienced riders only! Located between Dwellingup and Waroona, approximately 90 minutes from the city.

Albany Downhill Mountain Bike Trail | Beach lovers, this one's for you. Coastal views surround this scenic track, complete with drops, jumps and wood berms. Newbies can take it slow while the more experienced can face the jumps head on. Located 1km south of Albany city centre.

Carinyah Trail | This wide, 15km track is ideal for beginners because of its moderate hills. It's a gentle 3km ride in and then a further 9km loop. The campsite makes it ideal for an overnight stay. Located where the Munda Biddi crosses Brookton Highway, one hour southeast of Perth.

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