Best new release movies at Perth cinemas opening Thursday

Last Updated: 25 Jun 2020
Cate Tweedie

Cinemas across Perth are set to re-open on Thursday July 2 and we couldn't be more excited! If you've been missing the musty cinema smells, popcorn and choc tops as much as we have, check out these new releases that have been eagerly awaiting their premiere on our big screens.


Luna Leederville

Winner of the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Auteur Filmmaking, SHIRLEY is a fresh take on the period drama, full of contemporary intrigue and dynamic in style. SHIRLEY features a stellar lead cast—Elisabeth Moss, Michael Stuhlbarg, Odessa Young, and Logan Lerman.

Fred and Rose move to a small Vermont college town in pursuit of a job for Fred as an assistant professor of literature. The young couple receives an offer for free room and board from professor Stanley Hyman, as long as Rose agrees to spend time cleaning up the home and looking after his wife, acclaimed horror author Shirley Jackson. At first Fred and Rose detest the rocky household of the eccentric couple, but they eventually establish deep bonds with their counterparts, which will test the limits of their young love.

Hearts & Bones

Multiple Venues

In Ben Lawrence’s beautifully acted debut feature, a war photographer (Hugo Weaving) and a refugee (Andrew Luri) discover a photograph that threatens to destroy them both.

A war photographer has just returned home to prepare for his latest exhibition when a South Sudanese refugee appears at his door with a request - that he not exhibit any photographs of the massacre in his village, taken 15 years earlier. What emerges is an unlikely friendship between the two men. While sifting through the photographer’s archive, they make a startling discovery – the refugee’s daughter, thought dead, may still be alive. As more revelations arise, both men begin to question their past and, in their search, they discover salvation.

The Trip to Greece

Multiple Venues

Michael Winterbottom‘s fourth entry in his Trip franchise, which stars Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan returning to eat their way across Greece and do more Michael Caine and the best Werner Herzog impressions imaginable.

In their fourth and final gastronomic expedition, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon set out from the ruins of Troy in modern-day Turkey as they head to Greece to retrace the steps of legendary king Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, on his journey home to Ithaca at the end of the Trojan War. Steve and Rob's semi-fictional alter-egos hit the road in search of culture, history, breath-taking vistas and, of course, some of the finest food in Europe.

The Assistant

Luna Leederville

THE ASSISTANT, Kitty Green’s follow-up to her acclaimed Casting JonBenet, premiered at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival and impressed audiences with its tightly framed, quietly devastating, and intense portrayal of oppression in a workplace.

Jane (Julia Garner) is a junior assistant to a prominent entertainment executive, a man whose face we never get to see, though whose character is clearly inspired by the #MeToo testimonies surrounding Harvey Weinstein. Over the course of 24 hours we witness as Garner’s superbly understated Jane faces a multitude of degradations and hostilities (from both men and women), which she continues to bear stoically.  Just when we think that nothing can be done about her growing discomfort in this land of self-importance, Jane takes action—and what follows is a fascinating depiction of the mechanics that lead to abuse of power.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Multiple Venues

A thrillingly realised adaption of Charles Dickens' personal and optimistic classic autobiographical novel. Careening through 19th century England, director Armando Iannucci and stellar cast of Dev Patel, Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie and Ben Wishaw, bring to life the narrative that follows its hero from one unlikely situation to the next.

David, born after the death of his father is fortunate to be raised by a loving mother. However, following his confrontation with a violent new step father, the film invites viewers to follow David's adventure as he precedes to inhabit various temporary abodes, including an oppressive boarding school and the home of an eccentric aunt. His hilariously pithy impressions of all those he encounters, both constitute David's autobiography as well as make for a funny crowd-pleaser.


Luna Leederville

Winner of a Sundance Special Jury Award, MONOS is a visually astounding, thrillingly original fever dream situated somewhere between Lord of the Flies, Apocalypse Now and Aguirre, the Wrath of God.

On a remote mountaintop in Latin America a rebel group of teenage commandos, belonging to a group called ‘the Organisation’, perform military training exercises and guard an American hostage. They live tranquil lives in relative peace. But when their position is compromised after an attack they are forced deeper into the jungle. As their mission begins to collapse their situation spirals out of control. Allegiances shift and they have to do whatever it takes to survive.

WINNER: Best Film (Alejandro Landes) BFI Film Festival

Love Sarah

Multiple Venues

A charming and uplifting film starring Olivier award-winning and Screen Actors Guild-nominated actress Celia Imrie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).

Determined to fulfil her late mother's dream of opening a bakery in charming Notting Hill, 19-year-old Clarissa enlists the help of her mother's best friend Isabella and her eccentric estranged grandmother Mimi. These three generations of women will need to overcome grief, doubts and differences to honour the memory of their beloved Sarah while embarking on a journey to establish a London bakery filled with love, hope and colourful pastries from all over the world.

The Booksellers

Multiple Venues

THE BOOKSELLERS brings us a fascinating insight into the world of rare book dealers. A dash of armchair travel, a big spoon of nostalgia, and more than a light pepper of eccentrics talking about what they love most in the world - all of it makes for one big recipe for a charming documentary that speaks of love and beauty

Featuring interviews with such luminaries as Fran Lebowitz, Susan Orlean, Gay Talese and going behind the covers with a range of rare book dealers, collectors and booksellers from such stores as The Strand, THE BOOKSELLERS is a special treat for anyone in love with the written word.

The Taverna

Palace Cinemas

 THE TAVERNA, a brand new black comedy from award-winning Australian writer/director Alkinos Tsilimidos covers one utterly chaotic evening in a family run Greek restaurant.

Taverna owner, Kostas gets more than he bargained for when his popular belly dancer refuses to work to avoid her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, and is replaced at the last minute by one of his eager waitresses. Matters are further complicated by a kidnapping, a scooter accident involving Kostas' son, a well-meaning chef who cooks up rare treat and a sleazy customer who doesn't know his limits. It all adds up to a darkly comic ride into the wild side of life, love, food and cultural differences.

A White, White Day

Multiple Venues

The overwhelming Scandinavian success story of the recent Cannes Film Festival, writer/director Hlynur Pálmason confirms the considerable promise of his multi-award-winning debut Winter Brothers with this spellbinding and darkly humorous new drama about a stoic grandfather whose emotional reserves are pushed to their limits.

Former police chief Ingimundur (Ingvar E. Sigurdsson) has struggled ever since he lost his wife to a tragic accident two years earlier. Busying himself with the task of renovating a homestead in the remote Icelandic wilderness, he finds solace in time spent with his spirited young granddaughter Salka (Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir). But when Ingimundur begins to suspect a local man may have had an affair with his late wife, his detective instincts kick in, fuelling behaviour that becomes increasingly unpredictable…

WINNER: 2019 Cannes International Film Festival, Best Actor (Critics’ Week)

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