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Last Updated: 14 Jul 2014
Jai Chouhan

We scour the city for the best hole-in-the-wall espresso bars with no kitchen or fancy fit-out, but serving one helluva cup of coffee.


Architects and Heroes
Subi's newest espresso bar is manned (and womanned) by unpretentious-yet-passionate baristas serving kick-arse Code Black Coffee and goodies from local patisserie La Galette de France.
17 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

The Daily Espresso Bar
The Daily Espresso Bar attracts coffee aficionados from all over the western suburbs. And it's no wonder: barista Laurence Greenfield was the winner of the national Lavazza barista competition last year.
119 Claremont Crescent, Swanbourne

Elixir Coffee Specialists
These guys are just that – specialists. They roast their beans on site, have a zany, art-filled interior and serve the city's best coconut-poached chicken banh mi.
45a/145 Stirling Highway, Nedlands

Felix & Co
Bringing a dash of Melbourne coffee culture to Perth, the Felix & Co boys are all about variety, in both bean and brewing. Catering to caffeine-addicted students and hospital workers is their specialty, as is their 24-hour cold brew.
Shop 8, 160 Hampden Road, Nedlands

Louis Baxters
If you're not impressed by the Pippa McManus mural or yummo daily muffin concoctions (the choc mint is swoon-worthy), maybe the rare-out-west Campos beans will win you over. They did us.
Shop 2, 50 Subiaco Square Road, Subiaco

Monogram Caffe
Monogram Caffe is the classic library cafe: quiet, well lit, and a tempting place to spend a rainy arvo. Best of all: coffees are just three bucks before 9am.
1 Leake Street, Cottesloe

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Bobby & Olive
Local label Bobby & Olive has finally found a solution to the nagging partner/child crisis that has plagued shoppers since the dawn of retail: an in-store coffee bar and a tranquil courtyard. Genius!
1/17 Essex Street, Fremantle

Kate and Abel
This cafe is all about art, homewares, knick-knacks and, of course, coffee. Situated in MANY6160, the lifestyle boutique serves Chai Baba and toast courtesy of Bread in Common.
2 Newman Court, Fremantle

The Little Concept
This cafe couldn't be more Freo if it tried. Locals dig its raw food, cold-pressed juice, red espresso and the crunchy cute vibe created by wire spool tables and burlap bag-covered seats.
7 Wray Avenue, Fremantle

Little Hush
We were devo when Hush Espresso closed its Market Street doors. Luckily the matchbox-sized Little Hush is continuing to carry the torch. Shame about that perpetual queue, though. Gah!
Shop 14, Atwell Arcade, Fremantle

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Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee
Try as you might, ordering just a coffee at Addison & Steele is impossible. We're suckers for the Mexican bagel topped with pico de gallo and the other-worldly jalapeño cream cheese.
1/448 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Bossman Coffee
Hip Bossman Coffee has raised the bar of what espresso should be in Mt Lawley. Order a long (Fleetwood) mac and don't skimp on their Greek pastries, they may be hard to pronounce, but they're easy to inhale.
Shop 3, 669 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley

Humblebee Coffee
The folks at Humblebee are unapologetic about their purist approach: there's no soy, no skinny and no decaf. But it's not without reason; their house-roasted brew tastes better that way, especially alongside one of their addictive caramel mini-donuts.
77 Coogee Street, Mt Hawthorn

Milk and Paper
Dried flowers, shabby-chic furniture, a case filled with croissants, baguettes and macarons, and the heady scent of fresh Two Seasons coffee – stepping into Milk and Paper transports you straight to a kitchen in Provence.
3/80 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough

Dapper Jack
Set inside the shared office/DIY classroom/gift shop that is Studio Bomba, Dapper Jack is a magnet for coffee-loving, Etsy-addicted creative types. We adore the locally made crumpets from Mr Drummond's Foods.
324 Oxford Street, Leederville

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Bench Espresso
With blends specific to milk-based or black coffees, Bench is serious about its beans. It's pretty minimal in terms of its decor, but who cares? The coffee, and the citrus slice have won our hearts.
191/471 Hay Street, East Perth

Cheeky Sparrow
A combination of a coffee house, lunch spot and small bar, Cheeky Sparrow wears its three hats well. Warning: it's dangerously easy to upgrade from an espresso to an espresso martini.
317 Murray Street, Perth (access via Wolf Lane)

Lowdown Espresso Bar
Even when it's packed, the bearded baristas always have time to shoot you a friendly smile. Lowdown draws huge morning crowds, so be prepared to wait.
16a Cloisters Arcade, 865 Hay Street, Perth

Mo Espresso
Owned by a father and son team, Mo Espresso operates with an understated fit-out and Tom Selleck-themed seating (hence the name). Be sure to try their roast beef, feta and beetroot relish toastie.
Trinity Arcade, 72 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Pony Express O
The only complaint we have with this stable-turned-espresso bar is that there's little more than coffee on offer. Luckily the cafe has a BYOF (bring your own food) attitude.
21 Mayfair Street, West Perth

Standing Room Only
A small space with a big machine, Standing Room Only offers a relief for the CBD's constant influx of suits. With coffee available via five different brewing methods, the only question you should be asking is, which one today?
Shop 7, Piccadilly Arcade, Perth

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Ristretto Wall Coffee
One of two metropolitan locations, the Northbridge chapter is as hole-in-the-wall as it gets, literally operating out of one. Who knows how they managed to squeeze in the giant coffee roaster...
53 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Tea for Tu
Tea for Tu, located out the back of a Northbridge boutique, keeps us coming back for their awesome butterscotch macaroons and strange-yet-moreish green tea lattes. And yes, the coffee is as good as the tea.
218a William Street, Northbridge

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The best in the west for every bean need.

Antz Inya Pantz
Lower temperature roasts are the secret. Think of it like a roast: would you want your lamb cooked quickly? Served at Madlilys, CBD; Manic Espresso, South Perth

This mom-and-pop roaster is a regular at the Golden Bean Roasting awards. Enough said. Served at Caffissimo locations citywide

This specialty coffee roaster produces Freo's beans of choice. We especially love the retro packaging. Served at Black Cherries Espresso, Fremantle; Wild Poppy, Fremantle

Fiori Coffee
This artisan producer has been roasting Arabica beans out of its Swan Valley factory since 2006. Served at Lowdown, CBD; The Imp, East Vic Park

Five Senses Coffee
One of WA's most prolific roasters, Five Senses roasts dozens of blends and runs the Australian Barista Academy. Served at Sixteen Ounces, Victoria Park; La Veen Espresso, CBD

Grand Central
This family-owned business roasts in small batches using beans sourced from around the world. Served at Café One Two Five, Nedlands; The Sweet Remedy, Leederville

Karvan Coffee
Locals Brad and Fleur roast fairtrade coffee from their warehouse in Bibra Lake. You won't meet a nicer couple. Served at The Heritage Brasserie, CBD; Bluewaters, Cottesloe

Mano a Mano
Mano a Mano transforms beans to brew in its glass home within Gordon St Garage. Served at Addison & Steele, North Perth; Bread in Common, Fremantle

This indie roaster scours the globe for the best beans, and recently won the approval of WA Tastemaster Rich Keam. Served at Uncle Joe's Mess Hall, Perth; Hush Espresso, Fremantle

Northbridge Roasters
Perth's oldest roaster has been on the job for the last 80 years. Served at Toastface Grillah, CBD; Rifo's, Maylands

Pound Coffee Roastery
This award-winning business roasts out of O'Connor and hosts regular cupping sessions for fellow coffee lovers. Served at La Farmacia, Doubleview; Little Willy's Northbridge

Ever smelt the aroma of freshly roasted beans while strolling along William Street? You have Ristretto to thank. Served at Ristretto, CBD/Northbridge; BOHO Espresso, Scarborough

Small Print
Squirreled away in the depths of Print Hall is Small Print. Park bakery, part roaster, all yum. Served at Small Print and Print Hall, CBD

This small-batch artisan roaster is dedicated to caffeinating the Western Suburbs. Served at Typika, Claremont; Cimbalino cafes citywide

Daily Espresso's Laurence Greenfield, winner of the 2013 national Lavazza barista competition, gives us his two cents on Perth's coffee scene.

How would you define Perth's take on coffee?
It's really just emerging here in Perth. Now that people are aware of what's going on in other cities, there are a lot of cafes here that definitely put their own stamp on things. Espresso coffee is obviously the biggest part of the scene here, with over 90 per cent of the market.

Why do some establishments turn their nose up at skim and soy?
Take the analogy of a chef cooking a steak. He's taken the time and effort to source a really high-quality beef and then someone walks in and asks for it well done. In the case of baristas, what they're trying to do is to showcase the product as best as possible, so they refrain from using products that they think could affect the flavour. In saying that, it has got to be justified. You've got to back it up with amazing coffee.

What's the fascination with alternative brewing?
I think the way you extract coffee has become an interest because we're beginning to become more inventive with the way we're consuming things. People want to get creative. It adds interest to the product and generates a sort of understanding about the actual product itself. One of the most exciting things about filter coffee is that it showcases the coffee in its purest form.

They spring up at uni campuses, parks, farmers markets and even at the side of the road. Perth's coffee carts are taking a community-based approach to an extremely competitive scene.

Higher Grounds
Higher Grounds, owned by three environmentally minded friends, serves its brew via bike and trailer. From beans to bio-cups, Higher Grounds is as sustainable as possible, without affecting the quality of the coffee. It combines Crema's gourmet roasts with the barista-favourite Bannister Downs milk, and – when they're parked at South Beach – a pretty epic view.
Found at various locations and events around Perth.

Top Dup
Initially catering to the congregation at Saint Philips Anglican Church, Top Dup now extends its expertise around town to various farmers markets, alongside its other carts, Jacqui Mac and Drip Hop. Founders David and Georgia are all about locally sourced, artisanal products, serving Darkstar brew, Chai Baba tea, and raw cold-pressed juices from the Swan Valley.
Found at Kyilla Park Community Farmers Market, North Perth; Victoria Park Farmers Market, Victoria Park.

Lid & Co
Found solely at the Mandurah Boardwalk Farmers Market, Lid & Co operates out of a tent, its espresso machine perched atop hessian-draped boxes. The cart enjoys a monopoly over the marketgoers' coffee-and-a-treat needs. No complaints from us.
Found at Mandurah Boardwalk Farmer's Market, Mandurah.

Are your kids as addicted to babycinos as you are to your cappuccino? Here are local indie cafes that (hooray!) hand them out for free.

Engine Room Espresso 450c Fitzgerald Street, Perth

Piccos Kitchen 38 Peninsula Road, Maylands

Public & Co 25 Douro Road, South Fremantle

The Hardware Cafe & Eatery 117 Brighton Road, Scarborough

The Peasant's Table 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn

The Tuck Shop Cafe178 Newcastle Street, Perth

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