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Sips on the Beach

Last Updated: 22 Dec 2014
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Here’s what we’ll be sipping after some surf and sun.

After a day at the beach in Perth, we're panting harder than a pug in heat. But why settle for the lukewarm drinking tap when our favourite market vendors are bringing delicious drinks right to the shore? Here's what we'll be sipping after some surf and sun.

1. G1 from The Juicist

You'll put all the rabbits out there to shame with this super-healthy concoction, made from kale, spinach, apple, zucchini, celery and lemon. "We press almost half a kilo of biodynamic leafy greens into each serve, along with lemon and apple," says owner Daniel Grochowski. "I wouldn't be able to eat that volume in one sitting, so it has a bit of a Popeye effect on me."
Find at Leighton Beach, Port Beach

2. The Dockers Smoothie from Green Mo

You'll realise where it get its name when you see its hue, coloured bright by fresh blueberries. It's also made with a little banana, and some flesh and water from coconuts – yep, the stuff they use isn't from cans. "My partner thinks I'm a little bit crazy," laughs owner Dirk Schoenbude, "but I'm getting really fast at cutting them and separating the flesh and water now. Using fresh coconut milk makes it really creamy."
Find at South Beach

3. A drinking coconut from Comida Do Sul

We totally feel like we're on a tropical holiday – or on the set of a commercial – when we sip from these fresh drinking coconuts on crystal-clear Leighton Beach. Pick up a Mexican icy pole from La Paleta while you're at it – we always do.
Find at Leighton Beach

4. The F1-Revive from Nestle & Crush

We love the cold-pressed juice from Nestle & Crush, and would chug this yummy blend of watermelon and cucumber all summer long if we could. "It's an amazing blend," says owner Kirsty Fitzpatrick. "It's cooling and hydrating but with a bright kick of cayenne which improves sluggish digestion, sharpens the mind and brings clarity to a summer day."
Find at Scarborough Beach

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