Top Five Summer Sports

Top Five Summer Sports

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2015
Localista Team

Challenge yourself this summer with these Top 5 Summer Sports


Not only will this tone your legs and core, you will also be able to preach that you're a cool surfer-type. You'll have more hot dates than the summer season itself.

Beach Volleyball

This social sport can burn up to 495 calories per game, working out your cardiovascular system and toning the core, glutes, and lower back. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination, and boosts mental agility.


Put on those short-shorts and dream of Miami Beach, baby! This form of exercise will have you spinning out with laughter, as well as getting you from A to B.


The adrenalin rush alone from this will give you a feel-good jolt of endorphins that will distract you from daily stressors. You will also improve reaction times, hand-eye coordination and flexibility, as well as strengthening the arm and leg muscles.


Traditionally a game for gentlemen, this is low risk and low intensity, and can be enjoyed by all. It can also alleviate stress and improve vision.

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