Trouble in utopia

Trouble in utopia

Last Updated: 14 Apr 2016
Hannah Lawrance

The Welcome Collective will present their exhibition Trouble in Utopia at the Perth Centre for Photography next week.

Trouble in Utopia is a found footage video that explores the success and failure of domestic Brutalist architecture.

Brutalism is one of the 20th century's most controversial and misunderstood architectural periods with many condemning its creations. However, its French roots translates to "raw concrete", which is the movements most iconic and prominent material.

"Brutalist domestic architecture is defined paradoxically by both its fortress-like, heroic intentions for families and its current physical decay, public scrutiny and distain," states The Welcome Collective. "Brutalist architecture also had the utopian intention to foster a new kind of brilliant life within its wall."

Iconic structures have become a great focus of social anxiety with failures and fears of contemporary life such as the devastating fall of the World Trade Centres as well as the demolishment of the residential Pruitt-Igoe, both by architect Minoru Yamasaki.

To juxtapose these failures, the success can be seen within the home with family rituals, gatherings and traditions.

The exhibition will be presented alongside Tanya Dyhin's (NSW) Dreaming of Fata Morgana as well as Zoe Croggon's (VIC) Pool and Shadow Boxing.

Trouble in Utopia will be on at the Perth Centre for Photography from April 29-May 29.


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