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Tasmania boasts a variety of art galleries that are a must-visit for art enthusiasts. One such gallery is the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, which is renowned worldwide for its unique and immersive experience. MONA houses a controversial and thought-provoking private art collection. Another notable gallery is the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), the second oldest gallery in Australia. TMAG is a treasure trove of art, including a global indigenous collection and unique exhibitions dedicated to colonial decorative arts. The Salamanca Arts Centre, located in the historic sandstone warehouses of Salamanca Place, is a vibrant hub of creativity. It features retail galleries, studios, and outdoor installations, creating a lively space to explore local and international art. In Launceston, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) serves as a cultural gateway to a diverse range of international and Australian art. QVMAG offers insights into Australian colonial and decorative art, Tasmanian history, and natural science. Additionally, Tasmania is home to other notable galleries such as Yarns Artwork in Silk, Design Centre Tasmania, Art Mob, and Wild Island Tasmania. Each of these galleries offers a unique perspective on the art scene in Tasmania.

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