Coomalie guide

The Coomalie Region in the Northern Territory offers a diverse range of activities and attractions for visitors. One highlight is the well-serviced townships of Batchelor and Adelaide River, which serve as gateways to Litchfield National Park and hold historical importance as World War II headquarters after the bombing of Darwin. Some top things to do and see in the Coomalie Region include exploring Litchfield National Park with its stunning waterfalls, monsoon forests, and magnetic termite mounds. Visitors can also visit Nina's Ark Wildlife Sanctuary in Batchelor for a unique experience with Australian wildlife. The region also provides an opportunity to immerse in the local Indigenous culture and learn about the area's rich heritage. Historical exploration is another option, with the region's role in World War II and early Chinese market gardens being of interest. The Coomalie Region offers a blend of natural beauty, wildlife experiences, and cultural immersion, making it a promising destination for visitors.

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