A Classic Australian Band is still loving life, and music, after 20 years in the business

A Classic Australian Band is still loving life, and music, after 20 years in the business

Last Updated: 31 May 2017
Gwynette Govardhan

We had a chat with Gary Pinto from CDB to find out just how they keep the passion alive and get his thoughts on where Australian music is heading.

20 years after their chart topping cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's Let's Groove, RnB masters, CDB have released their third studio album, Tailored For Now – 11 RnB Superjams. I caught up with Gary Pinto to talk about changes to the Australian music landscape, being back in the studio and future plans for the band.

After taking such a long break from recording, I was keen to hear what ignited the band's interest in getting together again to make their new album.

"We were thinking about what we listened to when we were about to go out' said Gary. 'Those songs that made you feel, after a recording session at 1am, like you want to hit the clubs. I remember doing a gig 20 years ago and that feeling of really engaging with the room we were playing. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing and that memory sparked our interest in doing an RnB Superjams album."

Experience has played a huge part in getting back into the studio after 20 years, with Gary saying that "everybody's become more well-versed in their fields. Andrew is now an accomplished producer and Brad is a wonderful songwriter. As 17 and 18-year-olds recording an album, it's all about raw talent and being guided by the producers."

Being just a toddler when CDB were in their prime, I didn't get a chance to experience fully the impact CDB made on the Australian music scene and was interested in hearing Gary's take on how the overall music scene has changed, as well as on the direction that Australian RnB music is heading.

"I found that in the 90s, bands like Cold Chisel were popular and we were all competing to get our stuff heard. Now there's no struggle to get your stuff played. It's a different landscape, people are listening to the stuff we love to do.'

According to Gary, Austalian RnB music now has a 'real brooding undertone', with choruses being more understated than in earlier times and it's not so 'get up and party' all the time.

"I think artists like Jarryd James have a really interesting take on RnB music. His beats are a little darker and more organic. Guy Sebastian also has a more subdued approach to songwriting."

Between them, the band members have an impressive song writing portfolio. Gary's brother, Andrew Pinto wrote Boys Like You performed by rapper 360 and Gary himself has worked extensively with Guy Sebastian, co-writing, amongst others, the hit Taller, Stronger, Better.

However, Gary says the goal now is to record an original album with the band.

"As recording artists, that's what we write on a daily basis, and we've written for others but to do our own album would be amazing."

Having worked with so many amazing artists over all these years, I was keen to find out which three musicians Gary would invite to dinner, given the chance.

"I would actually want to choose my family, Andrew, Brad and Dan because of their personalities! But other than them I would have to say Nas, Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway. They're great songwriters and musicians. The way Donny Hathaway moves through chords and can interpret a song is, to me, the epitome of a great vocalist. The way Nas writes, his lyrics can give live to inanimate objects".

In addition to touring nationally with Keith Sweat, CDB have announced new shows in Sydney and Melbourne, performing all of their past hits & tracks off their latest Top 10 Album, Tailored for Now.

Friday 18th August – 170 Russell, Melbourne

Friday 29th September – The Basement, Sydney

Saturday 30th September – The Basement, Sydney

Tickets for all shows are on sale now

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