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Last Updated: 21 Jul 2021
Centaine Scott

Black Swan State Theatre Company’s production of Every Brilliant Thing hits the stage in August.

This international, award-winning play strikes the perfect balance between hurt and hope by using humour to have the most difficult conversations.

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Every Brilliant Thing is about everything worth living for - from ice cream, to staying up late to watch TV, to the music of Ray Charles. Uplifting and deeply heartfelt, this play invites the audience to become part of the story as fathers, lovers, friends and allies following one person’s life in the shadow of mental illness.

This heartwarmingly funny play reaches into the soul of the audience. Connecting and resonating in ways that will hold and carry them from beginning to end helping to create a unique performance and united community every night.

Every Brilliant Thing Rehearsal

The must-see show looks at life with a whole new attitude and dives into conversations worth having. Audience members will leave the performance with a new perspective and rejuvenated idea that life is truly worth living.

Catch Every Brilliant Thing at Studio Underground in the Perth CBD as well as in Mandurah with performances commencing on August 25 and running through to September 18. Tickets are available here.

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