Fully Sikh's Pavan Kumar Hari leads WAAPA live-stream performance at The Rechabite

Fully Sikh's Pavan Kumar Hari leads WAAPA live-stream performance at The Rechabite

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2020
Charli Peasley

WAAPA’s dynamic Seven Seas Ensemble is led by award winning Fully Sikh's Pavan Kumar Hari in a pioneering livestream concert from the historic Rechabite Hall in Northbridge.

Twenty musicians play 48 works in 40 minutes, covering 300 years of music from all around the world in an unbroken, walk-through style, 150 metre high journey through three levels of The Rechabite Hall. As the first live streamed concert at the Rechabite, this performance is unprecedented and totally unique.

The camera takes you on a musical odyssey through the fascinating structure of The Rechabite Hall - from the Grand Staircase to the roof garden, kitchen, restaurant, dressing rooms, bars and main hall. Musical delights abound along the way - and lurk in every corner! Although a shame that the hall won't be filled to the brim with punters, the walk-through filming style takes you from room to room and really makes you feel like you're there.

The newly formed Seven Seas Ensemble is WAAPA’s dynamic world music ensemble, featuring musicians from WAAPA's classical, jazz and contemporary courses. It’s led by the award-winning composer/performer Pavan Kumar Hari, the winner of the 2020 Performing Arts WA award for Best Composition or Arranging for Fully Sikh.

Rounding out an all-star cast, three of the musicians are finalists in WAAPA’s prestigious Warana Music Award: violinists Yasmin Omran (2019) and Adrian Biemmi (2020), and violist Ariel Postmus (2020), and several are members of the Australian Youth Orchestra.

The program covers music over three centuries, dating from 1717 (J S Bach) through til 2020: the world premiere of Joey Eng and Steven Hartley’s ‘Red Hot Summer’. The works by J S Bach include the Preludes to his Cello Suites No 1 and 4. Other featured composers are Mozart, Hadyn, Schubert, St Saens, Mendelssohn, Elgar, Dvorak, Delibes, Hindemith, Richard Strauss, Ernest Bloch and Claude Debussy. As a world music ensemble, the performance promises traditional music from a range of cultures, such as Brazil, Africa, India, Japan and Tibet.

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The musicians include string players, French horns, flutes, voices, temple bowls, bells, melodica, mandolin, tabla, bottles, saucepans, and a team of percussionists from Defying Gravity.

Tune into the live stream on the WAAPA Facebook timeline Tuesday June 9 from 1pm here

Image credit: Stephen Heath

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