Spruce Up your Outdoor Area

Spruce Up your Outdoor Area

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2017
Darren Wallis

Wanting to spruce up your Outdoor Space this summer? An outdoor makeover can transform your entertaining areas and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Looking at ways to convert your outdoor living space into a haven? Well there really are a variety of ways in which you could convert your outdoor space into your favourite place.

You sure would have several designs and to make them a reality, there are certain things for you to keep in mind, which are as follows:


Lighting is one of the most important points to consider. String lights are a great way to set the mood and work really well if you're someone who likes to have people over and host parties.

The market is full of different lights where you can opt for different colours or, dim/brighten them depending on the mood and what type of a party or gathering you are having.

• Seating

While arranging your seating area it is advisable to use light cane furniture for smaller enclosed areas and big bulky lounging sofas for open spaces.

As for sprawling lawns, putting in a wooden table here and there to accommodate food, drinks adorned with vases and flowers or maybe a shelf can truly add character to it.

Keep in mind not to space out your furniture so much that the distance makes it difficult for your friends and family to make conversation. After all, you do not want people being isolated at a social gathering.

• Pergola

One can also use a pergola to make the outdoor living space look elaborate and grand, which will make a vast difference.

A pergola works exceptionally well to differentiate your outdoor verandah from the rest of the garden giving the area an air of privacy while also making it the ultimate lounge haven.

• Curtains

Once in a while you sure will want to have a cocktail party at home or entertain your favourite buddies. And even though you are at home you still will want your privacy while you are in your back lawn or "outdoor living space", hanging up some curtains will give you that privacy you need from your neighbours or prying eyes.

• Bar/Kitchen

Nothing can be better than converting your verandah into a bar /kitchen for the occasion. Arrange the curved edges designed furniture in a clever way so that no heavy or sharp edges of steel furniture are in this area.

Even if you have steel modern furniture in the bar area, make sure they are properly arranged out of the way of your family and friends so they are free to move around and enjoy the outdoor space of your home.

While you're at it don't forget to stock your open living space with all the necessary things needed for the evening.

In this way things are made easy so you don't have to be running into the house time and again to get things or for a barbeque. You can also have strings of lights hanging along the roof to improve the lighting effect of any curved parts.

• Area Rug

Throwing in a rug over furniture will make your home look and feel very cosy. A rug gives a rich look to the furniture.

While using your verandah or outdoor living space if you are scarce on furniture for seating, you can enhance the place with an area rug and maybe add some cushions to give it a divan-like effect.

• Stencilled & Mosaic Patterns

Don't just restrict yourself to accessories. Stencil and mosaic patterns are a great way to go for a Indo-contemporary look.

With the cut glass, marble, broken tiles coming together in a beautiful rearrangement, your pergola or outdoor space is bound to take on a cultured look.

• Unique Planters

We all love a little bit of greenery and even if your surroundings have trees, etc., a plant or two or even an assortment of cacti or succulents can do wonders to your outdoor seating space. You could play around with the pots and instead of opting for pots, refurbish old canisters or kettles to house the plants. With a fresh coat of paint, these old utensils will have an altogether new and fun look to them.

• Fire Pit Cover

If you do decide to opt for a fire pit in your outdoor verandah it can prove to be very useful at night .To add a modern touch to your fire pit during the day cover it with a metal or wooden cover that has been painted up with some modern trendy paints.

There really is a wide range of things you could choose from to give your pergola a more than basic look.

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