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Last Updated: 14 Jul 2014
Localista Team

We asked the lovely people of Mt Lawley this burning question: where's the best place to pick up in Perth?

"If I was looking for a conversation and a lover, I'd hit the Mt Lawley strip. If I wanted a one night stand, then Geisha. Everyone's there to have a good night. You can't hear anyone because the music's so loud – it's all about body movement, you know?" Cara Woollee, 24, marketing professional

"I don't really go out to pick up, but I'm actually on my way right now to get a coffee with a guy I met at Connections last night. I didn't go there to meet someone – it's a gay club! It just happened." Lara Gioppato, 24, designer

There are two spots you go. Clarences is where to go for the classy pick-up. It's early, the lights are dim, the drinks are delicious. But if you're looking for a dirty pick-up, then it's Ambar, hands down. It's open the latest, and the people look like they're crazy. They probably are. Robert Jones, 26, carpenter

"I pick up at work more than anywhere else – probably two to three times a week. I guess it's because I'm not putting on a persona or anything. They just come to me. I don't know why... maybe it's because I look 18?" Owen Humphry, 25, bartender

"The Shed, mate! It's a classic backpacker bar. If you're keen to pick up, there are always tonnes of Irish girls. It's great, 'cos they're always in that holiday mentality, if you know what I mean." Peter Van Zeller, 29, server

"It's like this: Clarences is where you go if you want to hang out with the Perth hospo scene. If you're a younger girl looking for an older man, you go to Must. Then, if you want to wake up in the morning and go 'ew', then you go to the Library." Nadia Daly, 30, server

"The Court's always pretty loose. Gay bars are great cause there's less pressure, so people are always more relaxed." Hank Jonestown, 29, server

"I'm married, so I obviously don't pick up anymore... but I met my wife at Red Rock, back before it was The Claremont, so I'd say that's a good place! If I were single, I'd probably go to Clarences or Queens – places with lots of options." Justin Biggar, 30, pilot

"The Manor, definitely. You get all types there. People go to get on the dance floor. It's a diverse crowd but very niche with their style. You can wear sneakers without getting judged. In fact, you'd probably get judged more for wearing black shoes. I've met heaps of people there before – especially when I was younger. Loved it." Paul Ridge, 30, restaurant owner


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