Last Updated: 31 May 2019
Ryan Suckling

XR:WA offers West Australians the opportunity to explore cutting edge immersive technologies over the course of a 9-day program. Events will include computer and tabletop games, VR simulations, exhibitions of the augmented world, and Perth’s very first VR arena for team combat.

More than just a gathering place for those working in digital media, the XR mission is to break down the barriers between art, entertainment, science, film and technology. Running parallel to the Revelation Film Festival, XR:WA provides the opportunity for the wider community to experience the mind-bending delights of locally produced games and technology experiments.

At XR:WA special events, viewers have the opportunity to explore new innovations in VR and artificial reality. The acclaimed street artist Rone will be presenting his interactive art gallery 360’ Rone – a sumptuous VR tour of the artist’s studio and his grand murals. Game enthusiasts will be glad to hear of Play Up Perth, an exhibition of locally developed games for serious testing and frivolous play. Other events include VR exhibitions, visual installations, and expert workshops.

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