Escape the heat at one of five new restaurants and bars on the Perth coast

Last Updated: 24 Aug 2023
Nelly Mher

Perth holds an abundance of waterfront dining restaurants from river view to beach side. In the summer time it's best to book ahead, but while you’re at it, here’s 5 waterfront restaurants that opened in the last 6 months to check out.


Longview, Cottesloe

Longview became the latest addition to Cottesloe’s food and drink scene in December, located where Blue Duck used to be before its closure. We’re incredibly thankful another restaurant took its place so the panoramic views of North Cottesloe and Rottnest Island could still be enjoyed with a drink in hand. Still in its infancy, the restaurant doesn’t crowd easily but book ahead on Friday and Saturday nights to secure the best seats. Longview’s all-day dining attracts a varied crowd, patrons are usually found in bright thongs with sand on feet in the morning. As the day goes on it turns to linen shirts and sundresses. A menu of local seafood is celebrated, which is expected from any beachside restaurant, their crayfish being the crowd-pleaser.

Gage Roads

Gage Roads Brewery, Fremantle

Gage Roads’ opening in Fremantle’s historic Victoria Quay has created a massive buzz. The brewery’s deck overlooks the stretch of ocean that separates Rottnest and Fremantle.  The venue encourages customers to bring a crew, whether it’s their family or mates looking to have more than a few beers. They’ve managed to create a space for every occasion, including a dining room, sports lounge, beer garden and deck. The menu packs your standard pub food with classic seafood options. The top feature of the brewery is of course its beers, with all Gage Road beer being brewed on-site, giving us easy access to all the new froths available. Their latest is a Tropical Hazy pale ale, a fruit fiesta of mango, lychee, pineapple and gooseberry.

Isola Bar e Cibo

Isola Bar e Cibo, Rottnest

In the age of the pandemic, we’re all begging to feel like we’re anywhere but home. Isola has taken refuge in what was previously known as Thomson’s, introducing a touch of Italy on Rottnest Island. Dishes are simple but flavoursome with fresh, local ingredients used. The extensive drinks list and boat-spotted-shore-line view make it easy to forget you’re only a ferry away from home. At first glance, Isola may seem like a spot to scrub up for, however, the restaurant welcomes casual diners and young families. With late-night ferries, you can take the day slow and enjoy more than a couple of drinks knowing there’s no rush to get home.

Indigo Oscar

Indigo Oscar, Cottesloe

Indigo Oscar has brought the vibrancy and energy of Latin America to the coast of Cottesloe. The restaurant is hard to miss with its loud Spanish tunes and rumbles of laughter that fill the venue. While the food and view are great, the local’s favourite aspect is the service. Not only does your food come out at the perfect time, but you’re also always greeted with a smile, plus the waiters love to chat. The menu features unlikely pairings that leave your taste buds with an unforgettable experience. They mostly serve seafood, so if you’re shy when it comes to fish, grab the flank steak or stick to the drinks menu.

Jetty Bar & Eats

Jetty Bar & Eats, Fremantle

Jetty Bar & Eats is a must-visit before you hit the chaos of Fremantle’s nightlife. Their menu is delicious and catered to share; portions aren’t very large so bring a bigger crew for a smaller bill or eat your dinner beforehand. The crowd on weekends is young and tipsy and when sundown hits, the music gets loud. Not the best setting for quiet conversation, but some may consider that a bonus. If you’re looking to make a visit with the kids, you’re best to visit for lunch out on the sunny alfresco.

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