Experience the Best Food Trucks in Perth

Experience the Best Food Trucks in Perth

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2017
Nicole Schreck

This year's Food Truck Rumble, at the Perth Cultural Centre, promises to be bigger than ever with local food trucks, musicians and street dancers galore.

Ai-Ling Truong is passionate about her work. She has personally hand picked the best local food trucks in Perth for this year's Food Truck Rumble, as well as the live music and the breakdancers providing the entertainment for the day. This year's event, now in its fourth year, is a wonderful celebration of all things local and is proud to showcase the best of the West's ever changing food scene.

"It's really showing the people of Perth where our food truck scene is at every year, in terms of the development, the innovativeness of vendors, any new things that are happening, and even current trends that are picking up along the way," Ai-Ling said during our Friday morning chat.

This year, each food truck is required to serve up a special rumble dish, offering a variety not usually available from the truck, providing a new experience for those attending.

This is the point of difference Ai-Ling wanted in order to separate Food Truck Rumble from the other food festivals in the city.

Photography: Jarrad Seng

However, unique dishes aren't the only thing you'll find. The amphitheatre will be home to an array of street and break dancers competing and showcasing their skills.

Live music from myriad local artists and a selection of pop up bars promises to keep guests entertained throughout the afternoon.

Ai-Ling says that applications from food truck vendors has increased year on year as has the amount of food trucks that regularly trade on the streets. People are able to pop down to the park after work for something to eat, or take the family down on the weekend. There's so much variety on offer, everyone is sure to find something to tempt them. Food trucks are also available for hire for your next party, offering a different catering option.

"People are becoming more adjusted to the food truck culture and to what it brings to Perth, more so these past couple of years as their numbers have really increased."

"It's amazing that locals will support my event and other events around Perth, helping to ensure that we have a thriving event and festival industry that we can embrace and be proud of in WA.

"So if you really love food and food trucks, you can come down and celebrate your favourite ones for the day!"

Food Truck Rumble is on Sunday March 26 from 11am - 8pm. Check out more information here.

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