Wacky Workouts

Last Updated: 07 Apr 2014
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It's not always swimsuit season, so don't let your fitness fall flat. Try these unusual exercises to stay trim.

Circus Workout

If you've ever wanted to join the circus, here's your chance. CirQuest operates classes that teach circus techniques focusing on core strength, coordination, balance and fitness. The General Circus Skills class is full of acrobatics like basic tumbling, handstands, balances, and 'trick' martial arts. The Core Conditioning class uses yoga and pilates techniques, essential for the big one – Aerial Arts. Various locations, cirquest.com.au.

Bounce Inc.


Release your inner child and get fit at the same time, simply by jumping on a trampoline. NASA believes that "rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man". Trampolining is a low-impact workout that tones muscles, improves coordination and agility, and is low impact. And because it's so much fun, endorphins are released, reducing stress. Easiest exercise ever! Cannington, bounceinc.com.au.

AirYoga Perth.

Aerial Yoga

Ready to take your yoga routine to new heights? Perth's first aerial yoga school has opened in Bayswater. AirYoga Perth offers an introduction to anti-gravity yoga, which incorporates a silk hammock into the traditional yoga moves. The health benefits are as rewarding as traditional yoga, with the added fun sense of flying. Bayswater, airyogaperth.com.au.

Jungle Body.

Jungly Body

A high-intensity mix between boxing, dance, cardio, pilates and hip hop promises to unleash your inner beast. Founded by Perth girl Tara Simich, the distinct workouts are fun and simple. Konga is a dance class full of hip shaking and shoulder shimmying. Jagua is all toning, sculpting and stretching. Last is hip hop-based Tyga. For a list of gyms offering Jungle Body, visit thejunglebody.com.


This new adult fitness programme will have you skating rings around others in no time. SkateFIT has been designed to provide a smooth and safe progression through the skills that are required to get fit, have fun, become a competent skater and get a derriere to die for. Morley, morleyrollerdrome.com.au.

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