The Hummus Club re-opens for takeaway, serving up Middle Eastern feasts to go

The Hummus Club re-opens for takeaway, serving up Middle Eastern feasts to go

Last Updated: 12 May 2020
Elise Matheson

The Hummus Club prides itself on making food that is designed to be shared. After weeks of closure, they have just announced they will be launching a new takeaway service starting this Thursday.

With the latest protocols allowing restaurants and bars to resume sit-in service for up to 20 diners, the 100-capacity venue have decided to remain closed to diners for several reasons. Owner Kait Eterović explained that the The Hummus Club’s layout and ethos is all about community, with tables closely positioned to enhance the experience of sharing.

“Not everyone would get the best experience if we were to open at limited capacity, and it should be about sharing the food, listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere,” Kait said.

Instead, you can pick up a delicious, fully-prepared Middle Eastern feast to be shared at home. Their brand new takeaway menu, crafted by Head Chef Emily Heron and Venue Manager Indira Edwards includes two at home dining experiences that come packaged and are quick to prepare.

Enjoy slow roasted Arkady lamb shoulder, accompanied by a range of Middle Eastern dishes including Mujadra, Loubieh, Hummus, Mezza salad and local Iraqi Bread. Or, if you’re not a carnivore, you can opt for the spicy tamarind tagine instead of lamb. These will feed up to three people, so are good for small gatherings or two ravenous people.

For dessert, you can pick up their chocolate halwa brownie or muhullabia, a traditional spiced custard dessert with roasted pear and almond praline. A popular treat in the Mid East, their halwa brownies are made using a sweet tahini that caramelizes and is topped with ghazl el banet (a Lebanese fairy floss).

If you're just after a snack, they are also offering 'Mezza to Go' packs, which include hummus, olives, pickles, Iraqi bread and toum (garlic sauce), good for one or two.

Earlier in the year, the team at The Hummus Club launched a wine in collaboration with LS Merchants. Kait explained that she and Dylan Arvidson (LS Merchants founder and one of Young Gun of Wine's Top 50 winemakers to watch) sat down with a bowl of hummus and kept adjusting the flavours until they arrived at the perfect balance of  Verdejo, Semillion and Vermentino to create an orange style textural wine that goes well with their cuisine. You can grab a bottle to go, or choose from one of their signature cocktails to shake up yourself at home.

The Hummus Club will be open for takeaway between Thursday – Saturday from 4 – 8pm. Order before 2pm for their At Home Experiences. Kait advised that they are closely monitoring guidelines, and may look at opening for sit-down service in the coming weeks.

View their menu on their website here:

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